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So my mind is reeling at the moment. After my summer 2009 trip I was very content being back home, staying in one place and getting back to a normal routine. But as the weeks passed all I could think about was when and where I could travel next. I started looking up cheap trips out of the country only to find those don't really exist. Then, after seeing how many people were boarding the MV Explorer for the second time - I decided to see if it was in the realm of possibility. Turns out, it was. But it hasn't been easy getting back onto the ship. I've filled out 7 financial aid scholarship applications, written just as many essays and spend weeks on a video essay for the Diversity Abroad scholarship. Although my video was very good, I did not get the scholarship and thought that was the end of my journey. About a week after I had resigned myself to graduating and applying for jobs in Texas I got the phone call from Semester at Sea saying they were going to award me the rest of the money I needed to be able to sail. Ever since then I have been filing out paperwork, making appointments, phone calls, canceling plans, making plans and connecting with people... and it's only been 3 days since that phone call. When I sailing in Summer 2009 I had been preparing for about a year for my voyage now I have two months! I have to obtain visas, register for classes, get passport photos, plan trips, budget and so much more, but I already know that I am making the right choice to go. I am happier than I have been in a while and looking forward to my second journey, this time around the world.

Although I won't be as financially stable when I return, I don't think this is an opportunity that I should pass up. I feel like when I look back at my life I would rather be able to say that I took chances and really lived instead of "Yeah, I saved a lot of money". I can always make money and work. Besides, that's what I'll be doing for the next 40 years, why not do this while I don't have a family, mortgage payment or career to worry about? I know that it seems selfish to want to do this kind of trip twice, but I can't help it... and after hearing the opinions of my friends, family and my own head and heart - I know that I will be supported no matter what. I can not use words to show the type of gratitude I have for those who have helped me throughout my life. I'm pretty darn lucky.

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