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Two Weeks Left, WOAH that was fast!

So a lot of this is stuff for myself but I thought I'd post this in case
SASers in the future wanted an idea of what to do or how much to budget. I
am fortunate enough to have saved a lot and received a great deal of help
from Semester at Sea and my home institution. Everyone's budget will be different according to what they want to do and how much they have available
to them so don't be worried if you don't have the same number as I do on


Field Trips/Indy Trips: $5500

On-Ship Spending Account: $1000 (Laundry, snacks, ship store etc.)

In country spending money: $3000 (Unplanned trips, souvenirs, food)

Homecoming Money: $2000

Rent/Home Expenses while gone: $1015

Semester at Sea Field Program/Indy Trips

Country Date | Time Name of program Price
Dominica Jan. 16, 10am-6pm Bumping Tour $60

Jan. 16, night Either house party or clubbing $55

Jan. 17, 1pm-430p DOM26: River Tubing paid, 55
Brazil Jan. 23, 930-Jan 27, 12a MNS04: Amazon and Rio paid, 1500
Ghana Feb 6, All Day Nothing planned ---

Feb 7, 8a - Feb 9, 8a Home Stay at Senase Village $200

Feb 10, 8a-4pm TAK24: Drumming and Dance workshop (FDP) paid, 92
South Africa Feb 17 Horseback Riding Sunset $75

Feb 18 9a-3am (19th) Wineland Tour | U2 Concert 65/108

Feb 19, 2pm-4pm Robben Island (Feb. 19th) $30

Feb 20, Whenever Boulder Beach (Penguins) $30

Feb 21, Whenever Table Mountain Hike $40

Feb 22 Free Day | Maybe Two Oceans Aquarium $15
Mauritius Feb 27, 9a-5p Catamaran Cruise w/Irini paid, 60
India Mar 6, 130p-Mar 9, 4p Agra and Varanasi with Tour Company paid, 330

March 10 Nothing planned ---

March 11 Nothing planned ---
Singapore March 16th Wing it ---
Vietnam March 19th Nothing planned (Maybe HCM04: Cu Chi Tunnels) $50

March 20th Nothing planned (Maybe HCM12: Mekong Delta) $46
Cambodia Mar. 21, 11a-Mar 23, 6p HCM21: Cambodia/Angkor What/Killing Fields paid, 1089
Hong Kong Mar 26, All day Nothing planned ---
China Mar 27, 8 - Mar 31, 12p Beijing/Great Wall/Xian $1080

April 1 Nothing planned (Shanghai) ---
Japan April 4 Kobe, Ticket for train in Japan 7 day pass $350

April 5-6 Kyoto/Tokyo $80

April 7 Tokyo $60

April 8 Tokyo/Yokohama ---
Hawaii April 17 Nothing planned

April 18 Nothing planned

Actual Total (not yet paid)

$ Allotted

SAS Trips to consider | Advice from previous SASers:

South Africa:

SAS Trips? =

Feb 17th: Three Faiths Pilgrimage $30

Feb 17th: CAP14 KHAYELITSHA TOWNSHIP VISIT (1330-1800 Thursday, 17 February)

Feb. 21st Habitat for Humanity $37

Things to do:

Long Street for night life

Townships recommened

Ms. VickiĀ¹s B&B

Cape to Cuba for a restaurant

See the penguins at Boulder Beach and hike Table Mountain


Apocalypse Now is a good club to go to, specials for SASers

Mekong Delta recommended

Get tailored clothing made here (Dong Khoi)

Hong Kong:

Go club hopping in Lan Kwai Fong


Buy a Japan Rail Pass here and trade in the voucher in Japan.

Things I still need to do before I leave on January 10th!

  • Call car insurance company and chance coverage
  • Get cash from bank: $100 in 1's for tips and cabs, $100 in various other amounts

> * Bring $500 for Indy trips that others have planned so I can pay with cash. * Buy school supplies and an umbrella

  • Find converter, foldable shoe rack, money belt
  • Call and ask about passport for the billionth time
  • Take valuable stuff to Zach's place and give him car keys
  • Get International Student ID card from UNT
  • Deep clean room and car
  • Clean out cupboards/refrigerator at apartment so roomies don't have to

worry about it

  • Get three months worth of rent to apartment complex
  • Pay for the China Guide trip once financial aid goes through

> * Wire it to Wellsfargo account or get Swabb account as suggested by previous > SASer
This is all I can think of right now, probably because my brain is malfunctioning.

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